Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Baby

Debra is now four years old. She is growing so fast. Yesterday the two of us had a little photo shoot.......she loves doing that! Here are a few of my favorites.
The kitty is a new addition to our farm.
Here's an extra picture that I thought I would throw in here.........the other day Jacob and Debra were arguing and picking on each other. Finally, I had had enough!!!!! I had her sit on his lap and they had to hold hands. And I made them sit there for about 10 minutes. You know kind of worked! After that we talked, they hugged, told each other "I love you"........and then got along for awhile.


Jessenia said...

how cute! i love the pic with the kitty and your daughter.

Jahid Hasan said...

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Paul Hazelton said...

When we lived in Lamoure. Matt and Laura were fighting to beat the band in the basement. I had enough so I told them to keep at it until they killed one another. That was the end of that fight. They still bring it up. I was exasperated into one of my best moves ever.
Paul Hazelton